Third Party Logistics: What’s a “High-Touch” 3PL Provider?

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There’s a lot more to third party logistics than creating a fulfillment process that runs smoothly. Coordinating all aspects of customer ordering and product delivery is a complex choreography, there’s no doubt about it. But a “high touch” third party logistics provider can deliver more – a customer experience that transforms OK into “WOW!”


What do your customers get now, when they order from your company? Here at USA Fulfillment, we’ve had clients say their customers are sharing photos of their packages on social media – they are that impressed! When your 3PL can deliver that kind of experience, over and over, building customer loyalty is a no-brainer. Why would anyone shop anywhere else? That’s high touch in action.


High touch is a philosophy, not a service

Delivering an amazing package is the final step in a high touch fulfillment cycle. That circle starts with your customer’s initial contact.

  • Was their call or email answered right away?
  • Was your representative friendly and wholly knowledgeable about your product line, so the customer could ask questions and get recommendations? Helpful agents sell more and reinforce good relationships with your customers.
  • Did the agent have real-time inventory data at their fingertips, to ensure accurate customer conversations and swift order placement?


What happened next? Is the third party logistics provider equipped with the latest machinery and systems, fully integrated with inventory and order management technology? Do they rely on automation to fill orders? Or is it there to support real, live people committed to filling each order with care and attention to detail? Who packed your customer’s order? Was it complete, and accurate?


And what did that package look like? Was it pretty and inviting when it arrived, or just another box from some delivery service?


It’s easy to see how high touch can permeate the entire fulfillment process. That’s what you get from a third party logistics provider committed to the high touch business model. It’s a circle because a WOW! experience keeps customers coming back.


But there’s more…

High touch is all about you as the client and, ultimately, your customers. A high touch fulfillment company realizes your customers are theirs, too, because they represent you – literally on the phone or email, and behind the scenes every step of the way.


To make good on that dedication to your customers, they go out of their way to tailor services to match your company’s unique needs. That might come in the form of help improving your packaging. Or it might come from happily meeting your higher-than-usual service level metrics. It certainly comes in the form of detailed, customized performance reporting.


They do whatever it takes to help you sell more and strengthen customer loyalty. Everyone benefits. And your competition is dying to know your secret. If only they had a high touch third party provider.

Now that you know a bit more about high-touch third party logistics, you can take one of the following three steps to continue journey in finding the top fulfillment companies.


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