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LifeStraw is on the forefront of protecting the world from unsafe drinking water. To support their humanitarian mission, they market their brand of products globally. As LifeStraw expanded its operations to North America, it faced the challenge of efficiently managing distribution while also bolstering its Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) presence in the region.

To overcome this challenge, LifeStraw partnered with USA Fulfillment. In 2018, USA was hired to manage both retail distribution and D2C distribution in North America. This case study explores how this strategic collaboration benefited LifeStraw’s business.

THE COMPANY: Steven Singer Jewelers

In the “we don’t advise this, but…” category sits our newest client, Steven Singer Jewelers. The darling of Philadelphia’s Jewelers Row, Steven Singer himself was adamant that his customers needed the best fulfillment experience possible.

After opting for another fulfillment partner in 2018, Singer soon realized that cheaper doesn’t always mean better results. Such concern for customer satisfaction led him to switch fulfillment companies on the brink of his 2023 peak season preparation. A contract was signed in mid-November, followed by 6 weeks of daily inventory receipts, integration, and daily collaboration. New inventory kits were prepared, and peak shipping started on January 1st.

THE COMPANY: Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals

For the last 7 years, USA Fulfillment has been taking care of our fulfillment needs, and we must say that our experience has been nothing short of exceptional. We have been dealing with a top-notch organization.One of the standout features of USA Fulfillment is their excellent management team. Throughout our partnership, we were consistently impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to excellence. Our account managers have been able to deal with shipments to customers on different marketplaces, sometimes adjusting processes to make it happen. They not only met but exceeded our expectations at every turn. Their dedication to ensuring that all aspects of our fulfillment needs were met was truly remarkable.

THE COMPANY: Anonymous

Our client would like to share their success story but wishes to remain anonymous.

Client is a family-owned business that sells housewares via Amazon, their own website, B2B and many dropship outlets. They previously fulfilled their orders from an owned warehouse using their own employees. As costs continued to escalate, the novelty of running their own fulfillment was wearing off. Faced with some decline in sales during COVID, the business had to run leaner, and more efforts put towards quality. Client reached out to USA to consider outsourcing their fulfillment after 25 years; no longer shipping their own orders and storing their own inventory.

Client was most concerned about the 1) transition of inventory, 2) cost of transition, 3) order/inventory integration, and 4) potential downtime. USA put together a transition plan and proposal to handle everything turnkey for the Client, providing a significant operational savings. Client can use that savings to acquire new customers to purchase their products, which is one of their core competencies.

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We work at a fast pace to keep up with the growth of our business so that we are always one step ahead of our competition and over delivering to our customers. USA Fulfillment has not only been able to keep up with our demand, but has become an vital part of our success. On one occasion, we made a commitment to our customers that needed to have a package for a big event and there had been some issues with our shipment arriving on time. USA flew down an employee to meet me in Charleston to hand deliver this shipment. This was by far the best customer service I had ever seen and speaks volumes for who USA is and what they stand for. They truly are a partner in our business.
Sean, Apparel/Accessories Industry

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