Is Your Fulfillment Company Among the Top Fulfillment Companies?

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How To Know if Your Fulfillment Company Is Among the Top Fulfillment Companies



When you choose to work with an outside fulfillment company, you naturally want the best value for your money and you want to partner with one of the top fulfillment companies in the U.S.  Each company defines the “value” of their fulfillment services a bit differently, though, because details which are essential for you may not be so important for another company. So how do you know if your fulfillment partner is among the top companies?


Data tells an unbiased story for top fulfillment companies.

Performance metrics allow you to assess service levels. Top fulfillment companies do everything they can to exceed industry standards, not merely hit the bare minimums.

Meaningful metrics include things like:


  • Average seconds to answer

  • Call abandon rate

  • Order accuracy (customers receive the right items, all of them, the first time)

  • Inventory accuracy

  • On-time delivery


Top fulfillment companies are their own toughest critics. Does your partner regularly evaluate their own performance, to feed continuous improvement? And what is their employee turnover rate like? Low attrition indicates well-trained, well-treated personnel. Those are the people you want talking to your customers.


Tracking and reporting should be comprehensive enough to give you actionable information. Checking up on your fulfillment company’s performance once a month is fine, but you need deep details to make effective decisions about product development, customer acquisition and service, and so on. Sometimes your need for data is timely, so you should have 24/7 access to your information, through a portal you know is secure.


Top fulfillment companies go the extra mile


Let’s face it. A lot of companies aren’t that anxious to provide more than what’s specified in your service level agreements. And they don’t have to. You signed the contract, so the SLAs must be acceptable to you, too, right? Nonetheless, there are fulfillment companies that happily go above and beyond for you.


Top companies see themselves as a working partner, not just a commodity provider. A true partner has your best interests in mind, not only their own bottom line. They want you to stick around as a client for a long time. They are free with their experienced insight and advice, wherever it can help improve any aspect of your fulfillment process. They are 100% committed to giving each of your customers a superb purchasing experience, every time. Here at USA Fulfillment, we call this “high touch.” It is our everyday business model.


Outsourcing fulfillment saves time and headaches, and it can be quite cost-effective for many companies. But what if your fulfillment partner could help you increase revenue as well as save money? That’s what top fulfillment companies do for their clients. They go the extra mile to build customer loyalty and lifetime value.


So how does your current partner stack up? If you just said to yourself, “Not so well, now that I think about it,” perhaps it’s time to look for an alternative.


Now that you know a bit more about the best fulfillment companies, you can take one of the following three steps to continue journey in finding the top fulfillment companies.


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