Fulfillment Services: Combining Fulfillment With Customer Care

Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services Is No Longer Just Pick & Pack

Comprehensive Fulfillment Services Includes Customer Care



“What’s the big deal about order fulfillment services? It’s just pack and ship. All we need is someone to pull the products, box them up and get them to our customers.”


If that sounds like conversations you and your team have been having internally, you should know that order fulfillment services can do more than simply move products from the warehouse to the customer. That is, as long as you partner with the right fulfillment company. When you add customer care – emphasis on care – to the mix, you can reap surprising benefits in the form of increased sales and customer loyalty.


It’s true. Consider this everyday scenario: Your customer has placed her order. She is excited to receive her package, whether it will contain one book, an assortment of skin care products or something else. What will she receive from you?


Will her order be exactly right, in every way? Will it arrive when she expected it, or better yet, sooner? And what will that package look like? Your great products deserve great packaging – something that says “thanks so much for buying from our company.” Packages that let customers down in one or more ways reflect badly on your brand. That’s not quality fulfillment, and it’s certainly not customer care.


Showing you care starts with the first contact

Back end order fulfillment services can deliver more than your customer expected. But the benefits to your company multiply when you emphasize customer care during the ordering process itself. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful call center agents make a great first impression. They can boost your revenue by helping customers make informed buying decisions and recommending upgraded or additional products for them to buy.


Because they are easy to talk to, ordering is comfortable. Because they have real time inventory data at hand, ordering is quick and accurate. When the process is smooth and pleasant, customers look forward to ordering again.


It gives you an entirely new picture of order fulfillment services, doesn’t it? Now that you can envision the benefits, you may want to look for a company that can deliver the whole enchilada – fulfillment services and customer care.

Now that you know a bit more about integrated, holistic fulfillment services, you can take one of the following three steps to continue journey in finding the top fulfillment companies.


Taking care of your customers is essential. Choose a top-notch Fulfillment Center and Fulfillment Warehouse to help your company take care of its customers today.



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