6 Things That Signal Your Fulfillment Center Is State-of-the-Art

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Choosing a State-of-the-Art Fulfillment Center

Outsourcing should bring your company significant efficiencies. That means your fulfillment partner has to have a comprehensive state-of-the-art fulfillment center – equipment, processes and people all working together harmoniously to serve your customers.

How do you know if the fulfillment center you’re considering (or already using, for that matter) has truly state-of-the-art facilities?

Look for these 6 telltale signs when choosing a fulfillment center:

  1. A One-stop Facility: Companies that house their entire operation in one location can function more effectively. Communication is faster and easier, eliminating misunderstandings that lead to mistakes. You won’t suffer delays that inevitably occur when inventory has to move from one facility to another. And inventory is less likely to “wander off.”
  2. Integrated Systems: Look for up-to-date order management systems and warehouse management systems that are fully integrated throughout company operations. These technologies are essential in a busy fulfillment center, to streamline the fulfillment process from first call through delivery and ensure a mistake-free customer experience.
  3. Automation: Package weighing and labeling equipment that automatically compares shipping costs so you pay the most appropriate price for each package. Sometimes you get a better deal using actual weight, sometimes by using package dimensions. So while efficiency is good, best-price service is even better. A top quality fulfillment center won’t charge you extra for this service.
  4. High-Touch Culture: Obvious human touch. You don’t want a fulfillment partner that sacrifices high touch customer experience at the altar of automation. Customers want efficiency, but they notice every detail. Automation is a tool that should be used only to enhance their experience. Great automation should be backed up by great people!
  5. Quality Control: Quality control at every step, including one last double-check before things go out the door. Commitment to QC helps eliminate returns and customer frustration, both of which are costly. And it demonstrates your fulfillment center is just as committed to delivering a high touch customer experience as you are.
  6. Measurable Value: Emphasis on total overall value, not simply lowest price. Choose a partner(1) you believe will be the most focused on your customers. The fact they have state-of-the-art facilities underscores that approach. Add in great people handling your fulfillment, and the signals are all there — this is a partner that will help you make money instead of fielding customer service calls.

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