Discovering Value-Based Fulfillment House Pricing

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Value-Based Fulfillment House Pricing



What does your company’s fulfillment program say about your brand? Are your customers getting the value they expect – the experience you know they deserve? If quality customer experience matters to your company, you have to keep value in mind when considering fulfillment house pricing.


Welcome to high touch fulfillment.


High touch is a philosophy – a way of doing business that demands attention to detail and quality work every step of the way. It’s a commitment to your customers, to deliver the smoothest, fastest, most helpful and most accurate purchasing experience possible. And to deliver their order in a package so attractive it says “thank you” rather than “here’s your stuff.”


You won’t find high touch at most fulfillment companies, no matter what kind of fulfillment house pricing options they offer.


Here at USA Fulfillment, it’s just part of the deal. No extra charge. We like to say high touch is in our DNA, because it’s the way we have always done things since Shirley Moore founded our company more than three decades ago. We honor her by being like her. That starts by remembering every day that while your company is our client, your customers are our customers. Everything we say and do reflects on your brand.


Here’s what we’ve learned…

High touch fulfillment creates a circle of success. It may sound funny, but we put our own team members first. We do that because great people who are well-trained and well-treated can (and will) do their very best. We’re 100% employee-owned, so we’re even more committed to each other and to serving you.


Because we give your customers our best, every time at every point of contact, their loyalty to your company continues to grow.

You’re delighted that they’re delighted.

You’re delighted by increased customer loyalty and sales, too.

That reinforces your loyalty to our company as your fulfillment partner. We reward our great team for their great work. And so it goes.


No matter who you choose to work with, fulfillment house pricing is based on attitude as well as a list of specific services and performance metrics. You can’t measure attitude, but you sure can see the result. It’s not only valuable, it’s priceless.


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