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Pick And Pack Fulfillment + Customer Care = Happy Customers



What keeps your company in business and growing? Happy customers. For every company that relies on shipping to unite customers with their purchases, the formula for success is simple:


Pick and Pack Fulfillment + Customer Care = Happy Customers


So why would you even consider a pick and pack fulfillment partner that cannot deliver consistently outstanding results to your customers? You can boost customer service in two ways. You can add high-end customer care components to the post-order pick and pack process, by carefully choosing your fulfillment partner. Or you can add total customer care throughout your order capture and shipping process, by choosing a full-service fulfillment company.


Your company is the customer here.

To take exceptional care of you, the client, a great partner will:

  • Know your industry and have experience handing products like yours. Not every fulfillment company can handle every size product package, or meet rigorous compliance requirements for storage and handling of certain products. Health and beauty products, foods and dietary supplements are good examples.
  • Operate from a single location that includes all activities from call center to pick and pack to package inspection and shipping. Communication is critical when it comes to service, and a one-stop facility supports both speed and accuracy.
  • Maintain the agility to handle your volume ups and downs with grace and consistency. Pick and pack efficiency shouldn’t suffer during peak times.
  • Provide in-depth reporting, with the details you want, at the frequency you need. Deep data enables you to assess fulfillment performance, but more importantly, it helps you refine product development and customer acquisition strategies and tactics.


But your customer is the ultimate judge.

Ultimately, it’s your customers who have to be thrilled with the results of your pick and pack fulfillment. What thrills them?

  • Call center agents who answer super-fast and know their stuff so they can answer questions and make recommendations.
  • Near-perfect order accuracy – they get exactly what they ordered, and it’s all just-right.
  • Snappy delivery – their order arrives when expected – or even sooner.
  • A great-looking package that is almost as exciting as the goodies inside.


The best pick and pack fulfillment company can demonstrate caring for you and your customer at the same time. How does that work? Well, one of our USA Fulfillment clients had promised to deliver a special package to their customer for a big event. But they were having problems making good on that promise. We stepped right up to help. We flew an employee to meet them in person, to hand deliver the shipment.


Our client was thrilled, and so was their customer. “This was by far the best customer service I had ever seen and speaks volumes for who USA is and what you stand for,” they wrote us. “You truly are a partner in our business.”

Customer care really does equal happy customers. Now, you can take one of the following three steps to continue journey in finding the top fulfillment companies.


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