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“The guys in Legal are constantly worrying about product safety.”

Fulfillment Supplements — It’s All About Trust & Safety

Finding a fulfillment company is easy. Finding a trustworthy partner that understands the unique challenges of dietary supplements fulfillment can be daunting. You cannot afford mistakes or compliance failures.

USA Fulfillment specializes in serving retail and e-commerce dietary supplements companies.

We are FDA registered to uphold the integrity of your brand.

Our facility is FDA registered as Food Grade and we follow CGMP’s (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). Many companies in the dietary supplements, medical, food and health & beauty industries don’t realize how critical it is to use an FDA registered supplements fulfillment partner. But if an FDA audit reveals your fulfillment company is not registered (See 21 CFR §111.1), your mission-critical supply chain could come to a screeching halt. How would this impact your sales revenue? Or your reputation?

USA is so committed to protecting our clients, we hire an FDA regulatory firm to perform mock inspections of our facility to make sure we are following all appropriate regulations. Our facility is also highly secure, further protecting your inventory and your confidential data.

We belong to the Natural Products Association and regularly attend the NBJ Summit, to stay on top of industry trends and developments. Because we understand the difficulties you face in product manufacturing and maintaining consumer trust, we can help you create a custom-tailored dietary supplements fulfillment program.

Comprehensive Services & Capabilities

  • Seamless integration with most major shopping carts
  • 100% order accuracy
  • Lot#/expiration date tracking
  • Continuity/subscription order processing
  • Full service 24/7 Contact Center for inbound sales and customer service, upsell, cross-sell
  • Level 1 PCI Certified
  • Real time product availability, order status, order tracking
  • Total inventory management with real-time data
  • FDA registered food grade facility
  • Temperature controlled storage
  • Automated stock replenishment notifications
  • Product forecasting based on actual historical data
  • 9001:2008 ISO Certification is a testament to our commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement

It’s not the long list that should impress you, it’s the fact that we can customize our dietary supplements fulfillment services to match your needs, not someone else’s. We can even QC your products, if needed.

To help us learn more about your company and your specific fulfillment challenges, you can use our Needs Assessment. We look forward to speaking with you, too, so please contact us when you’re ready to talk.

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As the owner of a firm dedicated to customer-centric marketing for brands I represent, I knew I needed a contact center that had a similar focus. In 20 years of working with the team at USA Fulfillment, one thing has not changed: the high touch conversation that takes place with the customer. The “conversational” exchange, in lieu of a scripted response, has positively impacted the lifetime value of our customers.
Industry Consultant