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Shipping Fulfillment Services

“We could sell more, if only the guys in shipping could get it right.”

Let’s be honest. Fulfillment is not your core business. It’s a headache and, done poorly, it can damage your brand and your bottom line. You think of it as a necessary evil. But did you know the right shipping fulfillment services can actually enhance your customers’ brand experience and boost sales?

Here’s how:

  • Order accuracy that gets it right every time — in our case, 99.92%. That not only pleases customers, it can save you a bundle on returns.
  • Every order packed with care, to provide a surprisingly impressive “unboxing” experience.
  • Faster than expected delivery.
  • Detailed reporting that supports better product development and marketing decisions.

It’s true. Choosing the right partner for your shipping fulfillment services partner allows you to focus on what you do best. You can get back to your core business and leave the outstanding, reliable follow-up to us. At USA, shipping fulfillment services is our middle name.

Shipping Fulfillment Services We Offer

You know USA is the right partner because:

  • We offer pick and pack, kitting and specialized shipping services.
  • We evaluate your packaging options to ensure you’re using the most cost-effective option and the most appropriate sizes to avoid dim weighting.
  • We ship via all the major parcel and LTL carriers and pass on our negotiated rates or we can use your preferred carrier account.

We are specialists. We want only your fulfillment and contact center business.

You should choose the carrier and shipping solution that is best for you, not your fulfillment provider. We work with the carriers on your behalf to ensure you get that optimal shipping fulfillment services for your business.

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We needed a partner that could work side by side, to receive orders and customer payments, to handle credit card processing, to take customer service calls, and to fulfill our publications orders. The coordination is key and having a dedicated account manager has been crucial to our success. Partnership is a term that is loosely thrown around, but in USA Fulfillment, we have truly found a business partner.
Gary Lew, Physicians’ Desk Reference